FALL 2016

On sabbatical leave


English 4485 — Advanced Studies in Victorian Literature: Literature, Technology, and Visual Culture


Courses that I regularly teach:

English 2205 — Introduction to the Practice of Criticism

This course provides an introduction to the discipline of literary criticism through extensive exercises in the practical criticism of selected literary works of poetry, prose, and drama.  It is aimed at developing essential skills in close reading and a critical vocabulary with which to analyze and discuss literature, while sharpening students’ attentiveness to the way that form and content contribute to meaning in a literary work.

English 2205 is intended to serve as preparation for further courses in criticism and theory, such as English 3302/03.

English 2303 — Fictions of Finance

English 3481 — The Nineteenth-Century British Novel I

English 3482 — The Nineteenth-Century British Novel II

English 3484 — Victorian Poetry & Prose II

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