book coverForgery In Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture: Fictions of Finance from Dickens to Wilde (Palgrave 2009)

This study insists that we fully account for the prominence of the crime and punishment of forgery as it appears  in the nineteenth-century cultural imagination. Examining a range of works by Dickens, Collins, Gaskell, Stevenson, Hardy, and Wilde, among others, I consider how social and legal contexts inform the shifting representation of the crime and its varied perpetrators throughout the nineteenth century. Distinct in its historical attentiveness, Forgery in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture illuminates the breadth of cultural issues to which this “crime of the first magnitude” is linked.

— “this book promises to have a lasting impact on Victorian scholarship” –Leeann D. Hunter, University of Florida

— “Malton has written a provocative, thoughtful, and engaging book that makes a solid case for giving forgery its due critical respect.  Focusing on the metaphorical elements of her topic, her approach offers vivid, resonant readings of novels. . . . Malton’s book contributes meaningfully to the growing canon of Victorian financial criticism and has made this reader eager to know still more.”–Rebecca Stern, University of South Carolina, Victorian Studies (52. 1)

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